What to Get Second Time Parents?

I hear many times that people just don’t know what to get a second or third time parent. So I’ll make it a little easier for you with 5 great ideas that you can get right now.

  1.  Coordinate sibling outfits: Buying the baby clothes is always fun, but help make the older child feel included with matching outfits. It may not seem totally “necessary” in the grand scheme of things, but it’s REALLY cute! Smiles are priceless.  Check out this new stripe dress and romper from Tea Collection and the dino pajamas from Baby Steps (other pajama patterns available!).IMG_4954IMG_4955
  2.  A gift for the sibling: In keeping with a similar idea to #1, with a new baby in town, the older siblings can feel left out. Make them feel special too! A new top, accessory, or toy may seem like something they don’t need, but who doesn’t love new things?  One idea is this stacking train set that will be loved by both boys and girls and can be handed down to the littlest one, so you’re actually getting a present for both kids!

Screen Shot 2018-06-07 at 12.25.48 PM

3. Milestone stickers: With a second child, parents tend to be a little lazier with keeping track of Baby’s milestones. Sometimes a baby book is just too much, but these milestone stickers from Lucy Darling only require 2 things … the baby and a camera, and both are pretty much on the parents at all times so you’re all set. Multiple designs available.


4. Personalized item for baby: Help baby #2 avoid being the total hand-me-down kid and get him something personal that has their name or at least a first initial. These 8×10″ alphabet prints from The Artful Educator, or a 10×10″ custom pillow from Norm & Pauls are a great addition to the nursery. Prints are $15 each, pillows are $45.

Screen Shot 2018-06-15 at 3.33.48 PM


5. Gift certificate: Maybe you can’t decide what to get but you need to get them something. So let them decide! A gift certificate (especially one to Emily & Addie children’s boutique 🙂 will give the new parents so many fun options including clothes, bibs, toys, dolls, hair accessories, and more. The best parts (plural) about shopping at Emily & Addie is that it’s not overwhelming, customer service is amazing, and everything is so cute!

To purchase any of the items listed, call 781-326-4100, or email emilyandaddie2@gmail.com, or stop in the store.

570 High Street, Dedham, MA 

Open Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10am – 6pm

For more ideas, follow on Facebook and Instagram!

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