What’s New?

Well, there’s a lot actually! If you haven’t been following on Facebook or Instagram you should. But I’ll give you a break from following down the social media rabbit hole and show you some of the cool new stuff right here. Fall clothes are starting to arrive, but there are some really cool non-clothing items that have come in over the past two months that you need to check out.

These retro-cool looking BACK PACKS and LUNCH BOXES from SoYoung are SO awesome! The graphics are SO simple and adorable, but the features are just what every child and parent is looking for. Well, it’s not going to fly your child off to preschool for you, but here’s the lowdown on just a few of the features:

  • Machine washable. That right there is worth every penny.
  • The toddler back pack fits a lot more than you’d think. Clothes, folder, nap sheet, stuffed animal for show-and-tell. And if you want to put the lunch box inside the back pack you can do that and still fit a change of clothes.
  • Sturdy. This is quality right here. The back pack has a reinforced plastic bottom, AND both the back pack and lunch box are made of eco-linen. Yup! Earth-friendly.
  • The lunch boxes have a carry strap, and you can take the insulated lining out if you want to get a deep clean.
  • Available in fox, unicorn, dinosaur, and rabbit.
  • $40 back pack. $30 lunch box.

Call 781-316-4100 or email emilyandaddie2@gmail.com to order.

Next up…  DIY craft kits.

These bestsellers from Seedling make super fun gifts! Butterfly wings, a night light, a tote bag, and a sock owl have hit the shelves. The skill level differs for each craft, but they are recommended for ages 4-7 years (you be the judge on what your kiddo can handle).

  • Be creative with coloring in the BUTTERFLY WINGS, and use their imagination in pretend play.
  • Dream up their own design on a color changing NIGHT LIGHT that can live in their room.
  • Decorate a canvas TOTE BAG with all the tools they need to make something personal that can carry all the essentials.
  • Create a SOCK OWL is for the little ones who enjoy sewing and stuffed animals.

Prices range from $19.99 – $39.99.

Call 781-316-4100 or email emilyandaddie2@gmail.com to order.

Every kid needs toys.

Yes, they love playing with just a box … until it falls apart. So invest in some really awesome, quality toys from loved brand Melissa & Doug!

My kiddos grew up using Melissa & Doug toys, and as a parent (not just someone trying to sell), I have to say these toys are REALLY wonderful. Why? Well, they develop a whole boat load or skills like sensory, motor, logic, creativity, linguistic, emotional, self esteem, and communication.

Emily & Addie has a carefully curated collection of great toys so you won’t feel overwhelmed by so much choice.

The dilemma

I get totally crazy walking into a big box store with so much choice and have no idea where to look first and end up dragging my kids up and down the aisles where they ask for everything they see. Or, I waste a ton of time scrolling through pages of items online only to put things in my cart that never actually get purchased ,and then I get served up ad after ad showing me that item that I didn’t buy. Ugh!

The solution

If you are looking for a cute gift, then you need to shop at a children’s boutique, namely Emily & Addie. Stop by Monday – Saturday, or browse on Facebook and Instagram.  Feel free to reach out with a request like “I need a baby girl gift” and I can actually text you options. Yup, it’s that easy. Shopping should be fun, not overwhelming, right? Right.


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