Need a gift? Shop small and get it done.

Curated baby gifts are kinda my thing. Looking for something nautical and under $40? No problem. Baby shower invite says to bring a book? Emily & Addie has the cutest first year memory books that totally fit the bill. Here are a few ideas to get you going. Add or remove items to fit your budget.

But wait… you’ve got your kids all day and a million errands to run and just can’t get in the store? Good thing there’s technology!  I can text you or email you photos of different gift ideas (baby to big kid). You can either pay over the phone or via Pay Pal. Then just make a quick run in to pick up the gift (or I can even run out to drop it curb side!), free local drop off, or ship it. That’s what you get from small businesses who are all about accommodating their customers.

So, what do you need?  781-326-4100 or

-Jodi (Owner)

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