Choosing Clothes for a Photoshoot

Does choosing outfits for a photoshoot totally freak you out? I teamed up with Jamie Isherwood Photography to share with you a few ideas on styling so you can spend less time worrying about what to wear and more time having fun.

Jamie so pleasantly states,

“My goal as your family photographer is to freeze time when we are together and to capture candid and beautiful imagery for you to enjoy within your home.”

Sounds great, but what to wear in these amazing photos?


What I love about this combo for baby and big sister is the purity of the white and how sweet and delicate they are. Many parents are scared of putting their kids in white, but it looks really lovely against a grass background or on a beach. And it’s so easy to match with mom and dad who can pick up a color that’s in the baby’s outfit like pink, teal, or blue. Don’t be afraid by the pattern in the romper either! Some people think everyone needs to wear a solid color or it’s distracting, but that’s not the case. Stay away from words and sayings on clothes if possible to try and create more of a focus on the faces and less on reading. We know who is “Big Sister” – it doesn’t need to say it in the photo 🙂


Here’s the same adorable romper with a simple, soft blue henley-style top for big bro. All three of these outfits work so well together.

Want to go a little darker? Shades of blue with pops of complimenting colors looks amazing like these two outfits below.


The whole family doesn’t have to wear the same color, but you can pick out items that are in the same color family, complimentary colors, or match a color within another item. Like this dress has the dark navy blue in the top but lightens up the photo with the light wash and bright accent colors. Parents can then either go with white, dark blue, light blue, peach, or go bold with red. Yes, red! Maybe these accent colors show up just in hair accessories or a scarf on mom. A whole red, white, and blue theme is perfect for a summer photo!

Are you planning on just a photo of baby alone?


These beautiful spring rompers are bright, adorable, and comfy. The last thing you need is for your little one to be squirming around and their shirt gets untucked and their skirt is up over their head, or they’re crying. A one-piece outfit for a newborn is simple and just works. These have fun patterns that photograph REALLY well, and the colors are vibrant to compliment many skin tones. A little hair band and cute naked feet complete the ensemble.

Check out Jamie’s galleries for more ideas, and stop in to Emily & Addie for one-on-one help with selecting something that works for you.

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