What’s a belly sticker?

Every once in a while Emily & Addie will spotlight a brand that is carried in the store. Today we’re taking a look at Lucy Darling, the creator of milestone belly stickers, memory books, and more. The company was created by a mom (of course) and graphic designer who began designing stickers as “an expression of her happiness and excitement.”

So what’s a belly sticker?

These adorable circles on the baby’s belly have the cutest designs and show the age of a child or an event, like baby’s first swim, smile, sitting up, hair cut, etc. and make for super cute photos to share with family & friends. They come in various designs for both boys and girls and are $16 – $18 for a pack of 12 stickers. Click here for milestone event stickers. Monthly stickers available in 4 different designs at Emily & Addie.

We also carry single stickers for $2 that say “Brand New” for those first newborn photos – the perfect add-on gift item!

Lucy Darling is also the creator of memory books, which just about every new mom has or wants to record everything about their child during the first year, because, let’s face it … it’s really hard to remember everything when you’re in a total baby haze. The first year goes by so fast and the baby constantly is doing something new. So these beautiful little books are a great way to not only keep a memory of your child all in one place, but have fun recording it all. $35.

Another item Emily & Addie carries are journals, or as Lucy Darling calls them: Let’s Celebrate! Birthday Books for $25. “Life gets busy, and it seems next to impossible to keep track of all the important dates in your life.” Or maybe you just want to jot down a thought a day. Maybe keeping a whole memory book with pictures isn’t your thing but you want to note special moments every month. This makes a great gift!

– Perpetual Calendar, does not correlate to any given year so you can start at any time

– 12 month pages with a different design on each page

What do you think of all these gift ideas? Leave a note in the comments or email emilyandaddie2@gmail.com.

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