Why Shop at a Boutique?

So you say you’re just going to run to the mall or Target with a list but you come out with a ton of items not on your list. Maybe you even get these things home and realize you didn’t need them or you don’t like them. Shopping at big stores can cause you to spend more money, wait in long lines, drive around looking for parking and just be an overall headache, especially if you have kids in tow.
Shopping at a local boutique is a completely different experience and here’s why:

  1. Local boutiques provide better customer service, which creates a better personal shopping experience. How many times have you just wished there was someone to help you find what you need and there’s not an employee in sight? Not at a boutique.
  2. You don’t have to stand waiting in checkout lines.
  3. You will be doing your part to keep the local economy going. When you shop small, the bulk of the money you spend and most of your taxes stay local — helping schools, paving streets, keeping you safe. According to the research firm Civic Economics, for every $100 you spend:
  • In a local small business, $68 stays in your community.
  • At a local branch of a chain store, $43 remains.
  • Online, virtually no money stays local.
  1. There are less items to look at and decide on = less stress
  2. There is lower availability per item and you get a “Where did you get that? So cute.” reaction. They are their own person, why should he/she wear the same cheap shirt all her friends are wearing?
  3. You can develop a personal relationship with a boutique owner so that when they buy inventory, they may think of you = free personal shopper.
  4. You are supporting slow fashion as most boutique owners look for ethically made local merchandise.
  5. It’s fun. You can meet for breakfast at a local, independent café, go shopping in small stores, and walk around the town. Nice!
  6. You get money back. If you’re an American Express cardholder, register your card in advance. Then shop in one of the many listed independent stores and restaurants on the American Express “Shop Small” map — and get up to three $10 statement credits. Register at ShopSmall.com.
  7. You’ll raise your property values. Lively, vibrant neighborhood shopping streets are considered more valuable.

That’s at least 10 reasons. And here’s one bonus reason, when you shop small business you’re supporting a dream, my dream. I’m not saying you should do all your shopping locally, but please consider your local stores first, ahem… Emily + Addie, and you might just make a difference.


1 thought on “Why Shop at a Boutique?”

  1. I agree that you should put the customer service thing at the top of the list. Like you said, shopping in the boutique is good because it allows better customer satisfaction due to the better owner-shopper relationship. Maybe I’ll try shopping at a boutique next time. I love clothes, but it can become quite a hassle when I have to try and get the attention of the salesperson, especially when there are so many shoppers. Thanks for the info. I’m excited to try it out!


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