The Unisex Movement

Do you care if your kid wears “girl” or “boy” clothes?  What does that really mean nowadays anyway?  Well many brands and stores are saying who cares and taking away the labels to go “unisex.” However, it still seems much easier for a girl to wear boy clothes than for a boy to wear girl clothes, do you agree?  A girl can easily throw on a boy’s t-shirt and sweatpants and no one would bat an eye, but if a boy put on a what is typically designed for a girl, you’d definitely notice as most girl clothes seem to work in some kind of pink and purple or images known to be girly like hearts and butterflies.

It was announced recently that Target is dropping some of the brands they’ve carried for years and welcoming new brands. One brand in particular by the kids app maker Toca Boca is coming aboard. Their styles tend to be a bit more gender neutral with their popular characters adorned on the clothing. Other brands like Princess Awesome is trying to communicate the “girl power” mindset with images of rockets on their dresses.

But I say, why design clothes to be unisex?  Just mix and match!  Emily + Addie carries so many amazing brands that can transition from boy to girl or vice versa. My daughter absolutely loves her Miki Miette pants that were designed for boys. She wore them all day and then wanted to wear them to bed and every night since. There are no pink butterflies, just grey pants with stripes and a super comfy fit. She paired it herself with a pink tank top and voila, super cute outfit! IMG_1737

I encourage you to shop both boys and girls sections and see what kind of styles you can create. Share you pics in the comments.

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