Who is/are Emily + Addie?

Founded by Jodi Tormey (Me!) with inspiration from my amazing (and exhausting) young daughters, Emily and Adeline (a.k.a. Addie), I set out to make my dream come true and become an inspiration for my own little girls.

As parents, we have the power to inspire. The tagline “Growing Kids In Style” is about change and individuality. We can make a difference in kids lives by letting them be little and inspiring them for tomorrow. It can even start from the clothes they wear. If she wants to wear a fancy dress with rain boots on a sunny day, or a bow tie and flip flops, so be it!

At Emily + Addie, you’ll find quality, comfy, elegant, trendy, simple, organic, bright clothing, accessories and more from a range of designers that put so much heart and soul into each and every piece. You’re bound to find just the right items to bring out the best in every child. I can’t wait to continue to share with you all that Emily + Addie has to offer!Kids

Featured: Tea Collection (left), Miki Miette (right)

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